Fetchling 'Two Weapon Warrior'


str 14
dex 16
con 13
int 13
wis 12
cha 13

AC 21 / Tch 14 / FF 18
Shadow Blending: Dimlight 50% miss chance
Shadow Resistance: cold/elc 5
Darkvision 60ft

Fort 5
Ref 5
Will 4/5vs.fear

2 weapon fighting with 2 +1 rapiers


Darvi, a creature less subtle than she ought to be, trained early in life to serve. Never the cautious sycophant her position was not destined to be placed in direct view of the umbral dragons that rule her family’s corner of the Plane of Shadows. Every bow or scrape contained an edge of smirk or a not so subtle sigh, always a moment too late for propriety. Her first jaunt onto the Material Plane placed her as a guard in service to local merchants shifting goods between the realms. The bustle, colors and lights of the more vibrant world beyond the shadows sucked her in. At her first opportunity Darvi bolted. She wandered for a few years seeking employment and new adventures. She dyed her colorless hair a shade of vibrant violet, a luxury she never would have had at home, that set off her pupilless blue-green eyes and bruised looking grayish skin. Her ability to magically disguise herself and her natural ability to meld with even the Material Plane’s shadows meant she could move through the world seldom discovered by those of her own kind. Darvi, not able to plane shift on her own yet, had little concern for ever returning to that realm. Never the beacon of altruism, she eventually found a knack for shifting minor goods from ships coming and going out of a squib. The master of those docks caught her one day and offered her a job. She learned a little about how ships work as she was asked to create problems that needed fixed to drum up business on quieter days. When the Rogue’s Requiem pulled into dock looking to recruit more crew, Darvi’s curiosity got the best of her. She followed the most notable of those that left the ship and ended up in combat alongside them. As with many of her other jobs over the last few years, she simply slipped into the background and ended up in a new home.


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